VIP Travel Experience

Experience our V.I.P. Member Exclusive Discount Travel Club.
Our professionals are ready to share their vast knowledge of land & sea vacation travels with you!

This opportunity provides options to spend time with family, fulfill your travel bucket list, make a decent income at your own leisure, and enjoy adventures of your dreams.

I’m all in!!  I would like for you to join my team and enjoy some finer benefits life has to offer.   If I can help you secure additional income, for retirement, or help pay off student loans, or just add another stream of income, would you consider this as value to you?  Would you consider being a member of my team?

My question to you:  Do you want to experience more in life, for you and your love ones?  What about your friends and associates?  How do we do it?  The “new way,” using a personal touch of the past!

travel tourism agency table mockup tools compass, glass of water note pad, pen and toy airplane and touristic map on wooden table. Empty space you can place your text or information.

We will show you how to take luxurious vacations without the additional stress of planning.  

The “old way” consisted of trying to entertain yourself, or doing nothing at all while on vacation.  In my business, we call “Staycation” or staying in your room because you can’t decide what to do, or didn’t plan for extra expenses, or just don’t want to do anything.

The “new way”  consists of all inclusive vacations, and your trips are planned for you.  You have the option of engaging in as much, or less of the scheduling as you want, and your vacation is NEVER boring.

We take the guesswork out of planning the perfect vacation by carefully selecting accommodations and creating the very best “unique”experience possible for you. As a Member, you simply find the one you like, book it and you’re ready to go.

Memberships includes your household. Family is important to us. As we welcome you into our family, know yours is welcome too. Your membership includes you plus one (your spouse, significant other or a guest) as well as any dependents under 18 years  of age.

A Qualified Host is assigned on your vacation. Like you, our hosts are valued members of our Vacations family, essential to our culture and our brand. Your hosts are on site to provide you with unprecedented levels of service throughout your trip. They serve as your liaison to the hotel or resort, can assist with finding quality excursions and activities, solve problems you might run into, and help guide you to more pleasurable and unique vacation moments.

Our Vacations affords a “Price Promise” that assures your peace of mind.  Perhaps one of the greatest sources of stress when planning and booking travel is wondering whether you got the most for your money. To eliminate stress from the travel process, we created the perfect “Price Promise,” which simply says that if you book a one of our vacations, and you recreate that same vacations (apples to apples) on your own within seven days, we’ll give you a 100% refund and you still get to go on the vacation

We value your loyalty.  That’s why for every dollar you spend on your  Membership we give you an equal amount of vacation Points to use toward vacations of your choice. So just by becoming a new member, you have at least 100 Vacation Points

Allow Pam to send you on your next Dream vacation!!


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