• We are a VIP Travel Club with Exclusive Memberships and function to host dream vacations for our members and their guest.
  • One Club membership covers entire family.  This also includes your significant other, or friend.
  • Our members are afforded a wide assortment of services to make your life easier when planning a vacation or getaway.
  • Our Club started 10 years ago, and with a very simple idea:  Make it easier for people on any budget to have worry-free, world-class travel experiences where they get treated like a VIP.
  • We have several local and national entrepreneurs that opted in and offer discounts and significant savings on food and dining expenses.
  • Our members have access to an Online Mall, with more than 1,000 merchants and shops to choose from.


  • We start by eliminating much of the stress of travel planning.
  • We manage the important details: Where to stay? What to do? Who to trust?
  • How to get the most bang for your buck, and see and do more with  time you have?
  • Our travel experts do it all for you, from vetting the hotels and resorts to planning the best excursions.
  • Before every vacation, we send you a complimentary travel guide full of valuable insights about your destination, including insider tips like what to pack and information about local customs.
  • Either way, you choose when, where and how often you’d like to travel…


This amazing concept encompasses:

  • traveling
  • great dining 
  • humanitarian efforts and volunteer tours
  • economical savings 
  • discounted shopping 
  • and the personal freedom to manage your own time through entrepreneurship.

This is a vacation unlike any travel experience you’ve ever had. We know that once you take a vacation with us, you will NEVER look at traveling the same way again, and you will very likely be a member for life.


Fed up with your current career or employment situation,?  Want to be your own boss, make some extra cash, part time or full time?

We offer an entrepreneurship option.  You can represent our business and make extra money as a home-based business.  This option is not for everyone, and only for those who dare enter  Entrepreneurship and free themselves of workforce drama.

  • Spend more time with your family and friends .
  • Control your own schedule.
  • Enhance your lifestyle…
  • Contact me and let’s see if we can find something you like.
  • Grab a friend or your love ones; your vacation moment awaits, and I’m available to assist you in any way I can.
    • Contact me at: pam@huffsters2promos.pw …and,


 Review some places we visited along the way. 

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Pam Luxury Travel makes it easy to accrue points to pay for your next vacation.  Whether it’s just you and your significant other, or the family.

This is how we travel…with love!

Now is the time to join the most Exclusive Travel Club!

Adventures, Adventures, Adventures!!!!! 

All Day, Everyday!!